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Call in the experts for under slab leaks in residential homes or commercial properties.
Slab leaks happen. In Texasit is not uncommon for a building 10 years older or more to develop under ground foundation leaks.  Water or sewer leaks cost you in higher water bills and continuing damage to your building. Gas leaks endanger your family and the building. Early detection and repair is critical. Contact Milburn Plumbing

Signs of Leaking Pipes Under Your Slab

  • Water bills are increasing
  • Floors are damp or have a warm spot
  • Walls or cabinets are damp
  • Drains are slow to drain
  • Toilets have trouble flushing
  • There is a gurgling sound in your pipes
  • You smell gas 

Minimize Damage
Call immediately when you suspect there is an under slab leak.  The sooner leaks are fixed the less damage will be done. Repairs with trenchless tunneling, when appropriate, protect floors and walls from further damage.

Locate Leaks
Your leaking pipes / gas leaks will be identified quickly with state of the art technology:

  • Hydrostatic Testing for sewer lines and water lines under your foundation.
  • Pressure Testing.
  • Video Inspections of all drain and sewer pipes in and under your foundation.
  • Gas leaks identified with gas sniffers. 

Don’t wait until it is too late. Contact us if you think you have under slab leaks. 

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