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Having drain & toilet problems? Is there a sewer smell around your home or building? These sound like sewer issues. Sanitary and health issues make it critical to contact Milburn Plumbing so we can quickly identify the issue and repair the problem. 

Signs of Sewer Problems

  • You can small obnoxious odors
  • Floors are damp
  • Walls or cabinets are damp
  • Drains are slow to drain
  • Toilets have trouble flushing
  • There is a gurgling sound in your pipes 

Sewer Problems

  • Broken or Crack Sewer Lines due to shifting soil or foundation movement.
  • Clogged Sewers due to grease build up, objects stuck in lines restricting flow and roots.
  • Time Weakened Pipes such as corroded & collapsed pipes, main lines and lateral lines.
  • Bellied pipes creating valleys in pipes that collect waste.
  • Damaged joints allowing leakage.
  • Sewers invaded by roots preventing proper flow and leaking where the roots have broken into the system.

Are your drains clogged? Is the drainage slow?
Milburn Plumbing’s comprehensive drain service and plumbing services fix everything including the kitchen sink. 

Drain & Sewer Line Testing
Milburn Plumbing uses state of the art testing for clogged or leaking sewer lines to pinpoint problems quickly:

  • Hydrostatic Testing for leaking sewer lines and water lines under your foundation
  • Sewage Video Inspections of sewer lines & pipes, including under slab pipes 

Sewer Cleaning, Sewer Repair & Sewer Replacement Services
Sewer lines can be cleaned with augers or high pressure hydrojetting equipment. Where lines under foundations need to be repaired, access can be gained through tunnels, which avoids messy breakouts in your home.  

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