Bath & Shower Services

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Bath Plumber / Shower Plumber Services
Shower water pressure low? Milburn Plumbing can help find ways to boost water pressure so you get the most out of your shower. Is your bathtub drain clogged or your shower drain clogged? Milburn Plumbing can flush clogged drains and clear and remove roots to get your drains flowing again. Contact Milburn Plumbing.

Shower Installation & Bathtub Installation
Looking to bring a fresh new look to your shower or bathtub? Milburn Plumbing can help install showers & tubs so that that complicated water jets, pipes and seals are snug and fit. Our shower installers and bathtub installers are licensed plumbers. Contact Milburn Plumbing

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Emergency 24 hour Bath & Shower Repair Services
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